Causes of Crackling Sounds in Vapes and How to Avoid them


Uwell is one of the leading vaping brands to produce top-notch products that meet the highest standards of quality. But, as an e-cigarette, irrespective of how hard you try to avoid crackling sound, it is inevitable at times. Although it’s not common in the  pod system, inexperienced usage, and technical errors can trigger it, among many other causes, including the following:

E-Liquid Density

The density of the e-liquid in your tank is the primary cause of the cracking sound. Your e-liquid will make this cracking sound if it is too thick. This is because using a thicker e-juice makes it take longer for it to heat up and produce vapor. Thus, the cracking sound in your Vape pen is caused if the coil warms up and then cools down again before producing any vapor.

Coil Design 

They won’t be able to generate enough heat to make vapor rapidly enough to prevent getting cold before producing any vapour if they have too many gaps or holes in them. These perforations in the coils, which increase surface area exposed and increase heat loss through conduction rather than convection, can also result in a crackling sound during vaping.

Vape Power Levels

There is no need to be concerned if your device’s high wattage settings are what are making the noise. This is a regular problem. All you have to do to stop the device from making such loud noises is to lower the power level setting. The coil being too hot or not being properly cleaned is the most frequent cause of a cracking sound. This can be the issue if your gadget has a low power level. If you utilize a high-power device, your issue is probably not caused by it.

How to Avoid Crackling Sounds in Vapes

Even though Uwell is one of the top vape product manufacturers, they are not faultless. Despite the fact that the most majority of their items are excellent, there have been a few instances of crackling sounds.

In order to stop vapes from making crackling noises, you should:

Avoid longed extended inhales: 

A burning taste and an unpleasant feeling result from the coils overheating and crackling when too much air is forced past them. Avoiding long, drawn-out inhales will stop this problem from happening.

Try not to overprime your coil

When too much e-liquid is poured into the chamber before the mod is turned on, this is known as overpriming. The extra liquid then seeps into the coil, clogging everything inside and causing it to leak or even malfunction early. Make sure not to fill any tank or clearomizer above the maximum fill line to prevent over priming your coil as this can lead to other problems as well.

Change the drip tip

Use a different drip tip if you’re having problems avoiding cracking noises. Different materials and patterns can be used to make drip tips. While some drip tips produce noise, others don’t. For instance, compared to glass or stainless steel drip tips, acrylic ones frequently make more noise.

After experimenting with various drip tips and still hearing cracking noises, it may be time to change your coil head. It could be time to change your coil if you notice that it is burning out quickly or producing a burnt taste. Replacement coils are reasonably priced and simple to locate online or at the majority of nearby vape shops.


Choosing the ideal vape pen might make a big difference in your ability to enjoy vaping. It actually doesn’t matter whether the coil works with your pen or not; what matters is how you feel when you inhale and exhale. So, bear that in mind before experimenting with a new vape pen. Finding your personal optimum smoke thickness and quality is then the only thing left to do. Although the coil is a crucial component of your vaping experience, your overall enjoyment with a recently purchased pen shouldn’t be compromised or interfered with.


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