Ultimate Guide to Vape Pod Kits


The vaping industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. If you are looking for portable devices to enjoy your nicotine vapor, then look no further than Air Plus vape pod kits. These are quite popular among people looking for a safer option to traditional cigarette smoking. Before you purchase one, you need to know the following things.

Use of Vape Pod Kits

Vape pod kits are designed to blend functionality with compactness. They have the pod or cartridge and the battery. They have a portable, small, and sleek design that makes them user-friendly. The main types of vape pod kits are refillable and pre-filled vape pods. These kits use e-liquids or e-juice that contain nicotine flavorings. Due to their design and style, they are more convenient and comfortable to use.

This kit contains a battery that heats the heating coils. The heat generated makes the e-liquid vaporize. This produces the vapor that is inhaled by the user. Unlike traditional cigarettes, users will be taking in the vapor as opposed to smoke.

With a refillable pod, you are free to use different e-liquids to enjoy various flavors. You can think of the refillable pod as a rebuildable tank, to which you can add more water whenever it runs out.

Durability of Vape Pods

If you are new to vape pods, you might be wondering how long they can last. Ideally, this is dependent on how frequently you use it. Non-refillable pods are designed to just last the same amount of time a pack of cigarettes will last. Thus, it is advisable to go for refillable vape pods as they last longer and save you money.

Cost of Vape Pod

The truth is that the cost of vaping pods varies depending on several factors, such as type, size, and brand. If you want to save money, you should choose refillable kits. When buying your vape pod, you should not be misled by the pricing. A higher price does not always mean a high-quality unit. However, it is a sign that the pod has advanced features, such as design, controls, and battery life.

Type of Vape Pod

Although vape pods look similar from the outside, they are not the same. The two main types of vape pods are refillable and prefilled. Prefilled kits are suitable if you want convenience. In this case, the pod is filled with your favorite flavors, PG/VG ratio, and nicotine strength by the manufacturer. The main disadvantage of this type is that you cannot use your favorite e-liquid brands.

With the refillable vape pod you can customize your vaping experience by choosing your flavor, PG/VG ratio, and nicotine strength. You will not be throwing away the empty bottles after every use. In addition, you have the autonomy you need when it comes to refilling your e-liquids.


After knowing how vape kits work, you can now choose the right one for you. Remember pods are easier to use and sleeker. You should not worry about configuring them correctly to work. Since pods are superior in design, they prevent wasted cannabis and sticky messes. With different vape pods available, it is challenging to get the right one for your needs. User experience and quality are vital things to take into account. When buying your vaping device, make sure you consider all the above things and purchase it from a reputable brand.


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