Common Industrial Light Fixtures You Need


The right lighting can make a huge difference in your home or business. Not only will it help you get better results, but it also can make your space look more professional. The following are some common commercial electric led light fixtures that you should consider installing in your commercial space:

UFO High Bay Lights

These lights are used in large industrial spaces where there is a need for area lighting. They are also called UFO lights because they look like UFOs hovering above when they hang from the ceiling. They can be adjusted to provide different levels of brightness and can be hung from the ceiling or placed on top of storage racks. These lights are available in different sizes, from 100 watts up to 1,000 watts per bulb. They typically have two or three bulbs per fixture and may include reflectors as well as lenses for directing light where it needs to go.

LED Low Bay Lights

These lights are similar to high bay lights except that they do not produce as much light as high bay lights do. They are designed for use in smaller spaces where there is less requirement for bright lighting. Also, these lights can be placed on top of racks or mounted on walls to provide illumination in specific areas.

Overhead Crane Lights

The overhead crane lights are used to illuminate the place where the crane is working. This is important since it helps to prevent accidents in this area. The overhead crane lights are also important because they help workers see what they’re doing when working on an overhead crane. These lights can be installed either above or below the area where the overhead crane is located. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors so you can choose one that matches your decor or style of your facility.

LED Corn Lamps

LED corn lamps provide bright, white light for an industrial setting. They are commonly used in warehouses and other large buildings with high ceilings. They are also used in schools, hospitals and other places where large amounts of light are needed at once.

LED Safety Lights

LED safety lights can be used in many different settings including warehouses, construction sites and parking lots. These lights provide safety for employees by making them more visible to passing cars and trucks during night-time hours when visibility is limited due to darkness and shadows created by objects such as trees or buildings.

LED Sign Projector

Another common type of industrial lighting fixture is an LED sign projector. This type of product uses software to display images onto surfaces such as walls and doors. They can also be used in other applications such as retail stores and restaurants where they will display promotional messages or advertisements to customers passing by on foot or in cars driving by the store window. These types of lights are generally easier on the eyes than traditional incandescent lamps because they don’t produce as much heat when turned on.


The science of light may be straight-forward, but lighting design is not. It can mean the difference between a space that is comfortable and one that is uncomfortable, productive or distracting, safe or unsafe. You’re not limited to off-the-shelf solutions either; you can make it as unique as your design style allows, with LED fixtures of every shape, size, brightness and color suitable for any style.


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