“Make You Mine For Ever” is A Great Love Story.


Briley blinked and realized a man- had forcibly kissed her and was looking at her. They were too close, so she could see his expression and read his eyes. His eyes were so deep, and these eyes revealed a profound coldness. Have you yet to get excited about the story?

It is just a morsel, while the whole novel is a finger-licking good meal. If you are interested in reading something romantic, like make you mine, I want to give you one of the best suggestions. Here you go.

Why must you read “Third time, Make you mine”?

Swirling around the story of Briley Golden, “Third time, Make you mine,” has so much to offer you as a novel. I will discuss all the reasons that should be the one while choosing to read “Third time, Make you mine.”

Perfect Romance In Make you Mine.

With a coffee in your hand and “Third time, make you mine” as your reading option, you will be delighted by the aura of sweet and cold romance that the author has hidden in this novel. In the start, you will see how Briley Golden’s sister Alyvia Golden set up a plot against her by making her deal with the toughest man, “Reagan Hanson.”

Briley Golden

The main character, a strong young lady, Briley Golden, is very effective. She is the woman who can make the toughest guy go on his knees.

The sad kind of love

The story narrates two people who have equally lost a love interest. Briley Golden has been betrayed her whole life.

She had a past of getting cheated on by a jerk, and now after she made the coldest guy craving for her, she broke down in a taxi on her way back home.

While on the other ha,n,d it is Reagan Hanson who is unwilling to allow any woman to enter his life. His kid needs some maternal love and attention. And now Reagan’s mind is changing because of Briley Golden.

Fun read

“Third time, make you mine” is a fun read. You will have quality time reading this novel. And surely you will be the one recommending it to your friends later.

Powerful description

The novel needs to be written in a more jumpy way. The author has given a detailed description of everything. The reader will surely enjoy every scene with minor to major descriptions of the scenes.

Absorbing story

The story of “Third time, make you mine ” is well outlined and diagrammed. The story plot is very compelling throughout the writing. It has a unique tone.

The writer has written the story “Third time, make you mine” uniquely and expressively. The whole novel is full of memorable dialogues making it a very good read for you.

Final Thought

This novel has much to give you with its romantic and strong storyline. You must read this book to read a good romance novel. Please go check it out today!


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